2023 Double 11 Report Released: Blue Moon (06993) ranked No. 1 in the multi-platform sales ranking

Zhitong Finance ·  11/15/2023 17:43

This time, in Double 11, Blue Moon achieved another success, winning first place in many clothing cleaning lists on various e-commerce platforms such as JD and Douyin.

With the end of the Double Eleven promotion, “war reports” from major e-commerce platforms and brands have been released one after another. As one of the popular categories of Double Eleven every year, personal care products still perform well. However, judging from the match reports from various platforms, this year's Double 11 was another very rewarding year for Blue Moon.

The Zhitong Finance app learned that as a leading domestic cosmetics brand, Blue Moon has been at the top of the clothing cleaning list of major platforms for many years. This time, in Double 11, Blue Moon achieved another success, winning first place in many clothing cleaning lists on various e-commerce platforms such as JD and Douyin.

According to the report of JD's 11 major brands during the entire period from 20:00 on October 23 to 24:00 on November 11, sales of the top 50 JD Jiaqing brands exceeded 10 million, with a peak of more than 1 million purchasers in 28 hours. Among them, the Blue Moon brand continues to dominate the list, ranking first in the clothing cleaning category sales list.

According to the Douyin Mall Double 11 Good Things Festival (October 20 to November 11) rankings, Blue Moon is in the top 1 of the Double 11 Qingqing Industry's Top 1 list, and also won the top of the Jiaqing Pinnacle Brand List and Peak Store List. Blue Moon Clean Laundry Detergent won No. 1 in the Good Products List.

Also, according to Tmall data, Blue Moon is ranked in the top 2 of the Tmall supermarket's list of 11 favorite brands for Qing users. Among them, Blue Moon Extreme Concentrate+Laundry Detergent, which uses a low-foam, easy-to-bleach, and “1 pump, 8g” precision metering pump head design, has received many praise such as “saving consumption”, “can protect the environment” and “does not take up much space” due to its convenient and efficient product characteristics, and is very popular in Tmall supermarkets.

In this annual brand test, as the leading brand in China's household laundry cleaning industry, Blue Moon once again stabilized at No. 1 in the sales ranking of clothing cleaning brands through multiple channels, becoming the clothing cleaning brand preferred by many consumers, demonstrating Blue Moon's strong product strength and brand competitiveness.

Behind its remarkable achievements, it is inseparable from Blue Moon's deep cultivation in the home cleaning industry for more than 30 years and creating a highly competitive moat of products, brands, and channels. According to Blue Moon, the company will continue to focus on product development in all categories, insist on launching targeted and functional new products through research and development, continue to promote sales of best-selling products, and achieve diversification of product portfolios.

According to a research report recently released by Haitong Securities, the company's production and marketing integration is expected to continue to drive steady revenue growth. It is believed that Blue Moon's strong brand effect and continuous R&D investment will continue to maintain a stable high level of demand for the company's classic products over the long term, which is beneficial to the steady rise in the company's business revenue; by maintaining strong multi-channel profitability and risk resistance, and with efficient channel management and optimization of online layout, the company's market share is expected to increase further in the future.

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