The order value of Beijing Investment Transportation Technology (01522.HK) in hand as of October 31 was 2.39 billion yuan

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/13/2023 18:55

Gelonghui November 13丨Beijing Investment Transportation Technology (01522.HK) announced that recently, the group successfully won the bid for the integrated procurement project of Beijing Rail Transit Line 28 engineering communications, office automation, and guidance systems, with a bid amount of about 110 million yuan. The scope of project implementation mainly includes system products and services under engineering communications, office automation, and integrated procurement of guidance systems. The project is another subway communication integration project acquired in the Beijing market after the Group won the bid for the Beijing Rail Transit Line 13 project in 2022.

In addition to the above orders, recently the Group has successively won key domestic projects such as the procurement of communication systems for Taiyuan Metro Line 1 and the weak current system for the Bitong line of the suburban railway, as well as the RS-118 train passenger information system (PIS) full system transformation project in Delhi, India, and overseas on-board PIS projects such as the Korean tram. Among them, the Korean project is also the first time that the group has entered the country's market. During the year, the Group continued to strengthen business development and actively promote order implementation. Especially since entering the fourth quarter, the amount of new contracts signed and won bids reached 420 million yuan. As of October 31, 2023, the amount of orders in hand by the Group was RMB 2.39 billion.

In a situation where competition in the industry is intensifying and project acquisition is becoming more difficult, the successful acquisition of a number of large orders mentioned above has further demonstrated the Group's market position in the rail transit field and will also have a positive impact on the Group's business performance. The Group will continue to adhere to the market strategy based in Beijing and Hong Kong, deeply cultivate the whole country, and explore the international market, continuously optimize products and services, enhance competitive advantages, and provide customers with advanced and high-quality smart rail transit products and services.

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