晨讯科技(02000.HK):前10个月收入4.381亿港元 同比下降15.0%

Morning News Technology (02000.HK): Revenue of HK$438.1 million for the first 10 months decreased 15.0% year over year

Gelonghui Finance ·  Nov 9, 2023 03:43

Gelonghui November 9th 丨Chenxun Technology (02000.HK) announced that for the 10 months ended October 31, 2023, the Group's unaudited revenue was HK$438.1 million, a year-on-year decrease of 15.0%.

According to the announcement, the Group's unaudited revenue for the ten months ended October 31, 2023 decreased compared to the same period last year due to adjustments made by the Group's customers to pick up their purchase orders.

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