Earlier Posted On X, Citron Research "$INVZ Business Full Steam Ahead. We Expect Mobileye to Be the Eventual Buyer at a Significantly Higher Price. Too Many Synergies to Overlook. The Co Is Still Trading Small Premium to Cash With the Best LIDAR In ..."

Benzinga ·  11/09/2023 03:04

$INVZ business full steam ahead. We expect Mobileye to be the eventual buyer at a significantly higher price. Too many synergies to overlook. The company is still trading small premium to cash with the best LIDAR in the industry. Not all SPACS are equal. "While the tragic events that have taken place in Israel over the past month have affected us all on a personal level, our global business has continued to operate as planned. Our international manufacturing operations in Germany, the U.S. and Asia were unaffected, and operations at our Israeli headquarters quickly normalized, aided by detailed business

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