Guangdong Transport (03399.HK) plans to sell 59.6206% of Zhaoqing Guangdong Transport's shares for 69.719,500 yuan

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/08/2023 17:14

Gelonghui November 8th 丨Guangdong Transport (03399.HK) announced that on October 20, 2023, the company signed a property rights transaction contract with the trading mining industry. According to this, the trading mining industry conditionally agreed to buy and the company conditionally agreed to sell 59.6206% of the shares held by Zhaoqing Guangdong Transport (corresponding investment amount is RMB 596.206 million) at a cost of RMB 697.19,500. After the sale transaction is completed, the company will no longer hold shares in Zhaoqing Guangdong Transport, and the financial results of Zhaoqing Guangdong Transport will no longer be consolidated into the company's financial statements.

According to the disclosure, Zhaoqing Guangdong Transport is a limited company established in China with a registered share capital of RMB 100 million. It is mainly engaged in passenger transportation and investment in the transportation industry. As of the date of this announcement, the Company, Zhaoqing Transportation Group Co., Ltd., Zhaoqing Xinyun Investment Co., Ltd. and Zhaoqing Zhaoyun Investment Co., Ltd. held 59.6206%, 37.3794%, 1.7215% and 1.2785% of the interests of Zhaoqing Guangdong Transport.

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