Feihe Aiben won the double crown in high-end sales: strength has created a model for high-end adult formula!

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/07/2023 16:36

Aiben was crowned the double champion in high-end sales, winning market recognition

Recently, Aiben, an adult nutrition star brand owned by Feihe, won two sales rankings: “High-end adult milk powder No. 1 in sales in the country” and “High-end colostrum milk powder No. 1 in sales in the country”, winning market recognition and consumer favor with its excellent quality and professional nutrition.


Aiben has won the double crown in high-end sales with authoritative certification. Behind this honor is Feihe's deep accumulation over 60 years, stemming from the brand's keen insight into market trends, deep understanding of consumer needs, constant progress in scientific research and innovation, and strict control of product quality. Feihe Aiben won the honor of being the double champion of high-end sales, fully demonstrating consumers' trust and love for Aiben, and further demonstrating Aiben's leading position among high-end adult nutrition brands.

Find answers from the source and unlock the Aiben quality code

As a leading infant formula company, Feihe is rooted in the land of China, history and culture, and has accompanied the growth of Chinese babies from generation to generation. Feikaku has always adhered to the concept of “long-term approach”, based on customer value, and constantly pursues excellence in quality. Over the years, Feihe Dairy has made concerted efforts in many areas and made all-round efforts to promote the prosperity and development of China's dairy industry. Feihe not only focuses on the development and production of infant formula, but also gradually covers the entire population and life cycle.

As an adult nutrition brand of Feihe Dairy, Aiben won two international awards in less than a year: the World Dairy Innovation Award (Best Functional Dairy Award) jointly selected by Zenith Global at the Global Dairy Industry Conference and FoodBev Media, an authoritative British industry media, and the International Delicious Award selected by the International Taste Evaluation Institute in Brussels, Belgium, fully demonstrating the strength and achievements of the Aiben brand.

From celebrities to artists, entrepreneurs to celebrities, more and more people are choosing to drink Aiben Colostrum. Whether it's Zhang Ziyi and Wu Jing on the screen, Guan Ling and Yang Lixin, our familiar father and daughter, Guan Ling and Yang Lixin, as well as many well-known university professors, nutrition experts, and authoritative doctors, have all witnessed and acknowledged Aiben's excellent quality.

Aiben focuses on adult nutrition and builds health and self-care

Currently, Aiben has launched a variety of products for different groups of people to meet the needs of different consumers: Aiben colostrum formula and Aiben lactoferrin formula that focus on improving self-care, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular friendly Aiben phytosterol formula, Aiben dietary bone formula for bone health, and Aiben clarifying formula for stabilizing blood sugar levels.

The Aiben Colostrum formula uses rare bovine colostrum, which contains 7 major growth repair factors and 5 major immunoglobulins. Compared with cow milk, it has higher native nutritional content and higher biological activity. It is not only known as the “king of 21st century immunity,” but also “milk gold.” A cup of Aiben Colostrum in the morning and evening enhances the body's ability to protect itself and nourish youth and good condition.


The original intention to protect the health of the Chinese people is the driving force behind Aiben's commitment to high quality. As a guardian of adult health, Aiben has actively responded to the call for a “healthy China” with its original responsibility to protect national health, adheres to the call for a “healthy China,” adheres to professional nutrition to protect the Chinese people's ability to protect themselves, and has won the love of consumers with its excellent quality and user-first service. As a double champion in high-end sales in the country, Aiben will continue to strive to provide consumers with higher quality and healthier products and services, and contribute to the health and welfare of the Chinese people!

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