中国铝业(601600.SH):控股股东中铝集团累计增持2237.2万股公司A股股份 后续将继续增持

China Aluminum (601600.SH): The controlling shareholder China Alcoa Group increased its holdings by a total of 22.372 million shares, and the company's A-share holdings will continue to increase in the future

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/06/2023 17:40

Glonghui November 6 | China Aluminum (601600.SH) announced that as of the date of this announcement, the controlling shareholder China Alcoa Group has increased its holdings of the company's A shares by a total of 22.372 million shares through the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading system, accounting for about 0.13% of the company's total issued share capital, and the increase in holdings is about RMB 136 million. In the future, China Alcoa Group will continue to choose opportunities to increase its holdings in the company in accordance with the plan to increase its holdings.

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