格隆汇公告精选(港股)︱信达生物第三季度总产品收入超16亿元 同比取得超过45%强劲增长

Selected Gelonghui Announcements (Hong Kong Stocks) | Cinda Biotech's total product revenue in the third quarter exceeded 1.6 billion yuan and achieved a strong increase of more than 45% year-on-year

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/02/2023 23:07

[Today's focus]

Cinda Biotech (01801.HK)'s total product revenue in the third quarter exceeded 1.6 billion yuan and achieved a strong increase of more than 45% year-on-year

Cinda Biotech (01801.HK) announced that in the third quarter of 2023, the company achieved total product revenue exceeding RMB 1.6 billion, a strong increase of more than 45% over the previous year. It also maintained significant growth over the previous year, and continued to improve marketing output and efficiency.

In the third quarter of 2023, under the clear market demand for high-quality, innovative drugs with high clinical value, the company leveraged the advantages of a diversified product portfolio, extensive indications and health insurance coverage, comprehensive access channels, sufficient academic evidence, and a benign operating model. Within the quarter, Dabershu? (Cindilizumab injection) has maintained strong sales performance and a steady leading position in the market, while overall sales of other products have also increased significantly. At the same time, the revenue contribution of new products in the commercialization portfolio continues to increase, helping the company to grow sustainably.

In addition, the company's tenth commercial product is also the first product in the field of cardiovascular and metabolic (CVM), Shindilah? (Tolecizumab injection) was approved for marketing in August 2023. The company will continue to strategically build a rich product portfolio and brand value in the oncology field and key non-oncology fields to jointly promote the company's long-term growth.

The company has established an innovative product pipeline with more than 30 new drug types covering cancer, metabolism, autoimmunity, ophthalmology and other major treatment fields. Up to now, the company has obtained approval for ten products, including: Dabershu? (cindilizumab injection), Dayou Tong? (bevacizumab injection), sulicin? (adalimumab injection), dabervac? (rituximab injection), dabartan? (permitinib tablets), Nellick? (Orebatinib tablets), Hiranza? (remoxiumab), smart? (Septinib capsules), Focusu? (Igor Orense injections) and Singbola? (tolecizumab injection). At the same time, 7 new drug molecules have entered phase III or critical clinical research, and about 20 new drug types have entered clinical research. The company believes that its rich and diversified innovation pipeline assets have broad market potential, providing a solid foundation for the company's long-term global innovation business development.

[Important matters]

China Energy Storage Technology Development (01143.HK) and HKUST Sodium Energy sign strategic cooperation agreement

[Financial results]

Hong Kong Broadband (01310.HK): Annual revenue increased 1% to HK$11.692 billion

Dacheng Foods (03999.HK): Net profit of 666.04 million yuan in the first three quarters increased 1.2% year-on-year

Benjakoda (01665.HK)'s revenue for the first three quarters was RM523 million, up 15.4% year on year

Fuzhikang Group (02038.HK) lost US$70.2 million during the first three quarters

Yibang Bank Holdings (00599.HK) Profit Warning: Profit before income tax is expected to decrease by about 45% in the medium term

Sanwa Construction Group (03822.HK) Profit Warning: Net loss is expected to exceed HK$20 million in the medium term

[Operational data]

Vanke Enterprise (02202.HK): Achieved cumulative contract sales of 312.44 billion yuan in January-October

Hesheng Innovation Group (00754.HK) had total contract sales of 26.72 billion yuan in the first 10 months

Jingrui Holdings (01862.HK) signed contracts with cumulative sales of 3.355 billion yuan in the first 10 months

Maple Leaf Education (01317.HK) 1,145 2023 Maple Leaf High School graduates received 4282 acceptance letters from 236 universities in 18 countries and regions, including Canada and the United States

Yuexiu Transportation Infrastructure (01052.HK): Humen Bridge's September toll revenue of 81.55 million yuan increased 15.9% year-on-year

[Pharmaceutical Innovation]

Kingsley Biotech (01548.HK): Legendary Biotech will announce the results of research and development updates

Hanson Pharmaceutical (03692.HK) obtained a drug registration certificate for “tedizolomide phosphate for injection”

Yuanda Pharmaceutical (00512.HK): The clinical trial application of ARC01, the global innovative therapeutic cancer vaccine, was accepted by the Drug Administration in China

High Vision Medical (02407.HK): Rigid corneal contact lenses obtain medical device registration certificate from the State Drug Administration

Huajian Medical (01931.HK) and Heeson Meikang Shanghai signed a number of agreements for strategic cooperation in the blood coagulation product business between the two sides

Shanghai Pharmaceutical (02607.HK): The drug B019 for the treatment of recurrent or refractory B-lymphocytic tumors obtained a clinical trial approval notice

Kodi B (02487.HK): CU-40101 (topical small molecule thyroid hormone receptor agonist liniment) phase I clinical trial in China has reached a major end point

[Acquisition and sale]

Abel Technology (02708.HK): Chairman Lai Tze-ming's 200,000 company shares were forcibly sold

Intercontinental Shipping (02409.HK) sells a ship

[Repurchase Cancellation]

Jiumaojiu (09922.HK) is interested in repurchasing shares in the market

HSBC Holdings (00005.HK) spent HK$142 million to repurchase 2.5 million shares on November 1

AIA (01299.HK) spent HK$135 million to repurchase 1,964,400 shares on November 2

Oriental Securities (03958.HK) spent 85.304 million yuan to repurchase 9.5961 million A-shares on November 2

China Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd. (00386.HK) spent HK$373.35 million to repurchase 9.194,000 shares on November 2

Dongfeng Group Shares (00489.HK) spent HK$35.8774 million to repurchase 10.246,000 shares on November 2

Haitong Securities (06837.HK) has repurchased a total of 33.8028 million A-shares of the company

Zijin Mining (02899.HK) repurchased 804,000 A-shares on November 2

Standard Chartered Group (02888.HK) spent £17.835,800 to repurchase 2,869,900 shares on November 1

Shell-W (02423.HK) spent 7.39 million US dollars to repurchase 1.5 million shares on November 1

COSCO Marine Control (01919.HK) spent HK$14.306,900 to repurchase 1,803,500 shares on November 2

ESR (01821.HK) spent HK$13.204 million to repurchase 1.3 million shares on November 2

Haier Smart Home (06690.HK) spent 11.206,000 yuan to repurchase 500,000 A-shares on November 2

Yum China (09987.HK) spent $2 million to repurchase 47,000 shares on November 1

Fangda Holdings (01521.HK) spent HK$9.57 million to repurchase 4.74 million shares on November 2

Haohai Biotechnology (06826.HK) spent HK$5.7923 million to repurchase 136,400 shares on November 2

Concord New Energy (00182.HK) spent HK$3.2 million to repurchase 5 million shares on November 2

Bairongyun-W (06608.HK) spent HK$2.92 million to repurchase 300,000 shares on November 2

Zhongyu Energy (03633.HK) spent HK$2.76 million to repurchase 500,000 shares on November 2

Greentown Services (02869.HK) spent HK$1,922,000 to repurchase 600,000 shares on November 2

Xiansheng Pharmaceutical (02096.HK) spent HK$1,914,600 to repurchase 280,000 shares on November 2

VESYNC (02148.HK) spent HK$1.63 million to repurchase 343,000 shares on November 2

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