China Energy Storage Technology Development (01143.HK) and HKUST Sodium Energy sign strategic cooperation agreement

Gelonghui Finance ·  11/02/2023 16:43

Gelonghui November 2nd 丨China Energy Storage Technology Development (01143.HK) announced that on November 2, 2023, the company signed a non-legally binding strategic cooperation agreement with HKUST Sodium Energy (Shanghai) New Energy Development Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of HKUST Sodium Energy, HKUST Intelligence (300222.SZ)). According to the cooperation agreement, the company and HKUST Sodium Energy have established a strategic cooperative relationship. On the basis of complying with national industrial policies and at the same time meeting relevant requirements such as environmental protection, safety and energy saving, etc., the two sides plan to cooperate in the field of new energy applications and energy storage equipment application projects in mainland China, promote the acquisition of development rights for energy storage project construction indicators, cooperate on energy storage projects, and sign a separate detailed cooperation agreement on the special project.

The board of directors believes that once implemented, the cooperation with HKUST Sodium Energy will help expand the Group's new energy storage electronics product chain, increase sales products for the Group's electronics manufacturing service sector business, promote green technology expansion, and further enhance the Group's performance.

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