CWT INT'L(00521.HK)拟385.4万英镑收购Globelink Fallow约32.88%股权

CWT INT'L (00521.HK) plans to acquire about 32.88% of Globelink Fallow's shares for £3.854 million

Gelonghui Finance ·  Nov 1, 2023 08:56

Glonghui announced on November 1 | CWT INT'L (00521.HK) announced that on November 1, 2023, CWT Globelink, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of the company, entered into a sales agreement with the seller. Based on this, CWT Belink agreed to acquire, and the seller agreed to sell 2,137 shares of the target company Globelink Fallow Limited (accounting for about 32.88% of the total issued shares of the target company)The total cost was £3,854 million.

Upon completion, the target company will be wholly owned by CWT Globelink and will continue to be a subsidiary of CWT Globelink and the Group. The acquisition was carried out because the seller exercised a put option in accordance with a shareholder agreement.

The target company is mainly engaged in freight forwarding business, which is consistent with the main activities of the group. Furthermore, the target company has stable operating performance. As a result, the acquisition will further enhance the Group's performance and business scale.

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