Citron Research Posts "$INVZ This Is A CEO Who Would Every Excuse To Back Down On His Guidance Because Of The War In Israel. Instead, He Stands Behind His Team, His Technology And Most Of All His Customers Who Have Over $5B In Committed Contracts."

Benzinga ·  10/31/2023 22:12

$INVZ this is a CEO who would every excuse to back down on his guidance because of the war in Israel. Instead, he stands behind his team, his technology and most of all his customers who have over $5 Billion in committed contracts. Yes that number "is real". Meanwhile stock is trading less than cash. This can be an easy double once the St realizes that Innoviz is the LIDAR leader.INVZ CEO:To give some perspective to level of effort that the team is now doing among the other activities, in the next 5 weeks we have 5 audits by different customers

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