沛嘉医疗-B(09996.HK):GeminiOne TEER系统及MonarQTM TTVR系统于2023年美国TCT学术会议亮相

Peijia Medical-B (09996.HK): GeminiOne Teer system and MonarqTM TTVR system unveiled at the 2023 US TCT Academic Conference

Gelonghui Finance ·  10/27/2023 07:38

Gelonghui October 27th 丨Peijia Medical-B (09996.HK) issued an announcement, Geminione The Teer system and MonarqTM TTVR system were unveiled at the TCT academic conference in the US in 2023.

Dr. Saibal Kar, M.D., Director of the Cardiology Program at Los Robles Regional Medical Center and Director of Interventional Cardiology at HCA Healthcare, introduced Geminione in the Mitral Valve TEER session Initial clinical experience with the TEER system and this device. GeminiOneIn order to innovate TEER devices, registered clinical research is currently being conducted in China under the leadership of Academician Hu Shengshou and Professor Pan Xiangbin of Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Early feasibility studies in the US are expected to begin in 2024.

Cardiac surgeon, InQB8 Medical Technologies, LLC (“inQB8”) co-founder, executive chairman and chief medical officer, Dr. Arshad Quadri, M.D., shared the experience of MonarQTM's animal experiments and early first human (“FIM”) clinical trials in a special session on tricuspid valve disease and intervention. MonarQTM is an innovative TTVR device developed jointly by the Group and INQB8. Its FIM clinical trial is ongoing, and we are planning an early feasibility study in the US.

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