汽車之家太空站2.0進駐重慶 創新產業新零售賦能模式


PR Newswire ·  10/24/2023 15:50

hongkong24 October 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- China Leading Automotive Internet Service Platform Car Home(NYSE Stock Code: ATHM; Stock Exchange Code: 2518) Space Station is about to enter the Chongqing Yubei Auto Expo Center and welcome a full 2.0 upgrade, andprojectedThe rapid layout of 20 cities in Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, etc. will be implemented this year.

CARHOME SPACE STATION IS A USER-CENTRIC ONE-STOP SERVICE PROVIDER THAT BRINGS CONSUMERS A NEW NEW ENERGY CAR EXPERIENCE, INTEGRATING THE WHOLE CHAIN OF SALES FOR TEST DRIVES, PRODUCT DISPLAYS, SIGNATURES, AND MORE. WITH “ONE STOP LOOK, CHOOSE, BUY, EXCHANGE SERVICE”, BREAK THE PAINS OF CONSUMER COMPARISONS EVERYWHERE. This 2.0 upgrade not only brings the Holodeck 5.0 system, but also optimizes the AI viewing experience, with the addition of the “One Stop Shop for Used Cars” service, further covering the entire life cycle of the new energy car “Look - Buy - Use - Exchange” to provide consumers with efficient services that “save peace of mind, save time, save money”.

At the same time, the Car Home Space Station creates a new incremental scenario for the used car business, combining C-side user demand with B-side business, linking automotive consumption front and post market customer acquisition channels, opening the full-chain retail loop to demand drive supply, helping to spark new momentum in automotive consumption.

Chairman of the Peace Insurance Party Committee, Chairman of the Automobile House andCEOLongquanHe said: “The Chinese car market has entered the 'stock era' compared to the previous decade's high growth. Against this backdrop, Car Home Space Station is powered by technology and data, exploring market potential and driving new retail concepts. In the future, the Car Home Space Station will continue to play a central role in the industry, continuously improving the quality development of the automotive industry through innovative thinking to achieve the reduction of enterprise and ecological efficiency.”

From Shanghai, Haikou, Chengdu to Chongqing, the progress of Car Home Space Station is endless. CHONGQING IS A HISTORIC CAPITAL OF THE SOUTHWEST AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY AND IS WORKING HARD TO CREATE A WORLD-CLASS NEW ENERGY AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY CLUSTER. This time, the car home space station's landing page carries a more macro-visual layout and longer-term strategic goals. In addition to opening stores, Car Home Space Station also actively cooperates with local related enterprises in Chongqing. Such brands as Dark Blue Car, Rui Blue Car, Rui Blue Car have announced an agreement to enter the store. From then on, Car Home Space Station will help it expand its sales channels nationwide, actively promoting corporate value and local industry prosperity.

Facing the diverse needs of all participants in the automotive ecosystem, Car Home Space Station strives to play the role of an enabler, sharing and win-win with partners. Since 2021, Car Home has been fully integrated into the Safe Car Ecosystem, partnering with its sibling Ecosystem of Domestic Insurance, Banking, Leasing, and more, sharing resources, expanding the boundaries of products and services, serving C-side consumers and B-side host factories to build the perfect automotive service ecosystem. In order to further expand the automotive consumer channel, Car Home Space Station will join forces with “Help Help” to launch the “Car Home Smart Driving Carnival” test drive event in Chongqing during the twin-eleven period to bring consumers a more convenient one-stop test drive and car shopping service experience.

Chen Shihua, Deputy Secretary of the China Automobile Industry Association, said: “In the new energy era, the automotive market landscape is constantly evolving, consumer behavior and habits are constantly repeating, and the reshaping of the sales channels of automobile enterprises has begun. “Car Home Stops has made significant progress in platform building and marketing model innovation, providing new energy vendors with a holistic solution from brand to effect that will drive industry-wide ecological transformation and revenue diversification to support the healthy and sustainable development of the new energy industry.”

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Auto Home (NYSE: ATHM; SEHK: 2518) is a leading online service platform for automotive consumers in China. According to QuestMobile data, in June 2023, the average daily mobile user volume rose by 31.7% to 62.71 million. Our mission is to enhance the car buying and using experience for Chinese automotive consumers. Car Home provides automotive consumers with original content (OGC), professional creative content (PGC), user-generated content (UGC), AI content, a comprehensive library of car models, and extensive car publishing information covering the entire car buying and car cycle. With access to a large and active user base of automotive consumers, Auto Home has become the platform of choice for car manufacturers and dealers to promote their campaigns. In addition, our reseller subscription and advertising services enable resellers to market their inventory and services through Auto Home's platform, expand their physical showrooms to millions of potential web users in China and gain sales leads. We provide sales leads, analytics and marketing services to help automakers and dealers increase efficiency and facilitate transactions. Car Home operates its “Car Mall”, a full-featured online trading platform that helps car manufacturers and dealers facilitate transactions. We also provide other value-added services through its website and mobile application, including auto finance, auto insurance, used car trading and after-sales services.

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