港股异动 | 碧桂园服务(06098)涨超6%领涨物管股 行业发展方向转为高质量增长

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Country Garden Services (06098) rose more than 6%, leading the development direction of the property management stock industry to high-quality growth

Zhitong Finance ·  10/20/2023 10:59

Zhitong Finance App learned that property management stocks picked up along with domestic housing stocks. As of press release, Country Garden Services (06098) rose 5.98% to HK$7.27; Xincheng Yue Service (01755) rose 4.23% to HK$3.94; Shimao Services (00873) rose 4.2% to HK$1.24; Sunac Services (01516) rose 4.61% to HK$2.27.

Shengang Securities said that overall, the September Outreach data was slightly lower year-on-year and month-on-month, but the proportion of related party contracts accepted in September increased, and the year-on-year growth rate in January-September 23 was also lower than in the same period in '22. While the overall investment environment in the real estate industry is still low, the development direction of the property industry has also changed from rapid growth to high-quality growth. The bank believes that the property sector currently has a high cost performance ratio in terms of allocation.

Zheshang Securities said earlier that as the market anticipates that private enterprises with a high probability of debt default risk have taken risks one after another, all large private enterprises that have a relatively large impact on the industry have already taken risks. The impact of the remaining private enterprises that are likely to be insured is relatively limited. The impact of negative feedback from the real estate sector on properties is nearing its end.

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