*ST Intercontinental (600759.SH): It is proposed to transfer shares from the Capital Provident Fund at a rate of about 8.33 shares for every 10 shares transferred

Gelonghui Finance ·  10/18/2023 19:45

Gelonghui October 18* ST Intercontinental(600759.SH) announcementReorganization planDraftBased on the existing total share capital of 2263507518 shares of InterContinental Oil and Gas, this restructuring plan implements the Capital Provident Fund conversion of approximately 1885501762 shares for every 10 shares, and the total share capital is increased to 4149009280 shares after the increase. The aforementioned 1885501762 shares are not allocated to the original shareholders and are used for this restructuring, of which: 802168428 shares are used to pay off the debts of intercontinental oil and gas; 1083333334 shares are conditionally transferred by the restructuring investor, and the cash consideration paid by the restructuring investor to the above-mentioned shares will be used to pay bankruptcy fees and beneficial debts, pay off all kinds of claims and supplement the company's liquidity in accordance with the provisions of the reorganization plan.

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