*ST Intercontinental (600759.SH): Signed a “Restructuring Investment Agreement” with the restructuring investors

Gelonghui Finance ·  10/18/2023 19:47

Gronghui October 18 (* ST Intercontinental)(600759.SH) announcementOn October 16, 2023, under the guidance of Haikou Intermediate people's Court, Andong Petroleum Technology (Group) was confirmed by negotiation in accordance with the selection rules set out in the announcement on Public recruitment and selection of intended investors.Ltd., Beijing Kesheng Xinhe Petroleum Technology Service Co., Ltd., Yuemin Touhuiqiao Shenju No.2 (Shenzhen) Investment Partnership, Shaanxi Financial Control Asset Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Boya Chunya Investment Co., Ltd., Anhui Pengjia Investment Co., Ltd., Hainan Canghe Energy Development Co., Ltd., Hainan Lianheng Energy Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Houji Capital Management Co., Ltd. and other nine enterprises to form the "Andong Oil Investment complex" for the successful selection of restructuring investors. On October 17, 2023, Intercontinental Oil and Gas, managers and restructuring investors signed the restructuring Investment Agreement.

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