港股异动 | 新焦点(00360)午后涨超33% 近一个月累涨2.6倍 投资新建厂房、收购燃料电池生产线

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | New Focus (00360) Increased by more than 33% in the afternoon and increased 2.6 times in the past month to invest in new plants and purchase fuel cell production lines

Zhitong Finance ·  10/13/2023 14:19

The Zhitong Finance App learned that the new focus (00360) rose more than 33% in the afternoon, to a high of HK$0.202, and increased 2.6 times over the past month. As of press release, it increased by 31.33% to HK$0.197, with a turnover of HK$14.273,400.

According to the news, New Focus announced that on October 6, Newfox Optoelectronics (Qingdao), a wholly-owned subsidiary, signed a construction agreement with the contractor. The contractor agreed to build an industrial park, including a new production plant for manufacturing electronic components for new energy vehicles, and other supporting facilities, at a cost of RMB 290 million.

In addition, Jinyi, an indirect non-wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, signed a purchase agreement with the seller Zheda Tongbo, covering the sale of a comprehensive fuel cell system production line and related equipment, as well as program design, debugging, training and guidance, and software platform development, deployment and commissioning services, at a total cost of RMB 298 million.

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