Medical Connect (02192.HK) plans to acquire 60% of the shares in Lingbo Market Information Consulting (Shanghai) for RMB 33.93 million

Gelonghui Finance ·  10/12/2023 17:49

Gelonghui October 12Medical Maitong (02192.HK) noticeOn October 12, 2023, Jin Ye Tiancheng, Beijing, seller(Wu Ning, Chen Lifei, Gao Yifan)And the target companyLingbo Market Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.An equity transfer agreement was concluded under which seller A, seller B and seller C agreed to sell 42%, 9% and 9% of the shares in the target company respectively, while Jin Ye Tiancheng Beijing agreed to acquire 60% of the target company at a consideration of RMB 33.93 million. Jin Ye Tiancheng Beijing will pay to the seller in cash.

The target company is mainly engaged in the business of providing research services for pharmaceutical companies. It has a professional research team of 17 people to provide a full range of research services for pharmaceutical companies in the aspects of market attractiveness, new product concept testing, doctor market segmentation and target doctor positioning, use and concept tracking and market share tracking.

The seller grants an option to Jin Ye Tiancheng Beijing. If the cumulative audited net profit of the target company during the guarantee period does not reach 50% of the guaranteed profit, Jin Ye Tiancheng Beijing has the right (but no obligation) to require the seller to buy back the target equity held by Jin Ye Tiancheng Beijing.

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