格隆汇公告精选(港股)︱海通国际获海通证券溢价约114.08%私有化 9日复牌

Selected GLONGHUI Announcements (Hong Kong Stocks) | Haitong International received a premium of about 114.08% from Haitong Securities and privatized and resumed trading on the 9th

Gelonghui Finance ·  10/06/2023 23:23

[Today's focus]

Haitong International (00665.HK) received a premium of about 114.08% from Haitong Securities and resumed trading on the 9th

Haitong International (00665.HK) announced that on September 26, 2023, the offeror Haitong International Holdings Co., Ltd. privatized the company through an agreement arrangement in accordance with section 99 of the Company Law after the prerequisites were met, requesting the board of directors to submit the proposal to the planned shareholders. After the scheme takes effect, the offeror will own 100% of the company's shares, and the listing status of the shares on the Stock Exchange will also be revoked.

After the preconditions and conditions are met or waived and the scheme comes into effect, all plan shares will be cancelled. Each cancelled plan share is HK$1.52 in cash. The cancellation price is approximately 114.08% premium over the closing price of the shares at HK$0.710 per share on the closing price of the shares on the last trading day.

The offeror is a limited liability company incorporated in Hong Kong, China, wholly-owned by Haitong Securities. The offeror engages in investment holding business.

On the date of the announcement, the intention of the offeror was for the Group to continue to operate its current business after implementation of the proposal and share option offer, and the offeror had no plans to make any significant changes in the continued employment of the Group's employees (other than employment in the Group's day-to-day business process). The Offeror will conduct a strategic review of the Group's assets, corporate structure, capitalization, operations, property, policies and management, determine whether changes after implementation of the proposal and the share option offer are appropriate and necessary to optimize the Group's activities and development, and make any changes that the Offeror considers necessary, appropriate and beneficial to the Group based on its review of the Group or any future development of the Group.

Furthermore, the company will apply for shares and bonds from the Stock Exchange to resume trading on the Stock Exchange starting at 9:00 a.m. on October 9, 2023.

[Privatization of the offer]

Song Ling Nursing Group (01989.HK) received a discount of about 1.11% from Diamond Ridge Holdings for privatization

[Financial results]

Asia Securities Properties (00271.HK) Profit: Profit attributable to shareholders for the first 7 months was approximately HK$284 million

[Operational data]

Greentown China (03900.HK)'s total contract sales amount for the first nine months was about 192.3 billion yuan

Poly Real Estate Group (00119.HK)'s September contract sales amount was about 3.3 billion yuan

Xinli International (00732.HK)'s consolidated net turnover for September was approximately HK$1,259 million, up about 2.9% year-on-year

Times China Holdings (01233.HK)'s September contract sales amount was about 850 million yuan

[Investment and operation]

New Focus (00360.HK) signed a construction agreement with the contractor at a cost of $290 million

[Acquisition and sale]

Champion Technology Group (00092.HK) plans to acquire approximately 51.15% of Wise Win Holdings's shares for HK$33.68 million and resumed trading on the 9th

New Focus (00360.HK) Annexed a purchase agreement for a comprehensive fuel cell system production line

SimpleJoy, the controlling shareholder of Ling Rui Holdings (00784.HK), sells 30 million shares of the company

Li Group (00397.HK) further acquired a total of 18.6 million Kangjian shares

[Issuance of additional shares]

Huasheng International Holdings (01323.HK) plans to sell up to 840 million shares at a discount of about 15.79%

[Repurchase Cancellation]

Tencent Holdings (00700.HK) spent HK$400 million to repurchase 1.31 million shares on October 6

Standard Chartered Group (028888.HK) spent £19.1 million to repurchase 2.54 million shares on October 5

AIA (01299.HK) spent HK$135 million to repurchase 1998,000 shares on October 6

HSBC Holdings (00005.HK) spent HK$110 million to repurchase 1.82 million shares on October 5

Shell-W (02423.HK) spent $1.51 million to buy back 300,000 shares on October 5

Yum China (09987.HK) spent $1.5 million to buy back 28,000 shares on October 5

Dongfeng Group Shares (00489.HK) spent HK$6.08 million to repurchase 1.886 million shares on October 6

Xiansheng Pharmaceutical (02096.HK) spent HK$4.52 million to repurchase 710,000 shares on October 6

ESR (01821.HK) spent HK$2.75 million to repurchase 250,000 shares on October 6

Bank of East Asia (00023.HK) spent HK$2.42 million to repurchase 243,000 shares on October 6

Xiehe Renewable Energy (00182.HK) spent HK$2.23 million to repurchase 3.49 million shares on October 6

Fangda Holdings (01521.HK) spent HK$1,894,000 to repurchase 1 million shares on October 6

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