New Focus (00360) Affiliates and Zheda Tongbo signed an agreement on the sale of a comprehensive fuel cell system production line and related equipment

Zhitong Finance ·  10/06/2023 22:59

Zhitong Financial App News, New focus (00360) announced that on October 6, 2023, Jinyi (an indirect non-wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, as buyer) and Zhe Da Tong Bo (as seller) entered into a purchase agreement relating to the sale and sale of the integrated production line of fuel cell system and its related equipment, as well as program design, debugging, training and guidance, as well as software platform development, deployment and debugging services. The total consideration is RMB 298 million (including tax).

The establishment of Kam Yi is an excellent opportunity for the company to expand the hydrogen market and invest in hydrogen energy, and the fuel cell business is expected to create synergy with the Group's existing automotive business. Kam Yi now needs to purchase equipment and equipment to set up an integrated production line of fuel cell system for its business operation.

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