港股异动 | 航空、机场股早盘普跌 多股跌幅超3% 中秋国庆机票价格大幅跳水

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Aviation and airport stocks generally fell in early trading, and many stocks fell by more than 3%, Mid-Autumn Festival National Day ticket prices dived sharply

Zhitong Finance ·  10/03/2023 10:46

Zhitong Finance App learned that aviation and airport stocks generally fell in early trading. As of press release, Meilan Airport (00357) fell 7.92% to HK$6.63; Capital Airport (00694) fell 4.68% to HK$3.46; China Southern Airlines (01055) fell 2.89% to HK$3.7; and Air China (00753) fell 2.27% to HK$5.17.

According to the news, on October 2, data released by Tongcheng Travel showed that from October 2 to 3, the price of holiday tickets was the lowest. The average price of domestic air tickets dropped by more than 30% compared to the peak holiday period, making it suitable for picking up trips at the peak of the peak holiday season. According to industry insiders, air ticket prices continued to be high during Golden Week in the past, but the reduction in ticket prices during this year's holiday season was mainly due to excess airline capacity and changes in consumer travel methods. Furthermore, starting October 5, with the increase in fuel surcharges for airline tickets, the cost of purchasing tickets will further increase.

In terms of tax exemption. According to statistics from Haikou Customs, three days before the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday, Haikou Customs supervised a total of 426 million yuan in duty-free sales on the outlying islands, an increase of 40.3% over the same period in 2022. The number of duty-free shoppers was 61,600, an increase of 84.1% over the same period in 2022. During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday from September 29 to October 6, Capital Airport is expected to carry about 1.33 million passengers, with an average of 166,200 passengers per day.

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