十度冠名央视、湖南卫视秋晚 蓝月亮(06993)以坚守和创新打造品牌长期价值

Ten degrees named CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV Autumn Festival Blue Moon (06993) to build long-term brand value through perseverance and innovation

Zhitong Finance ·  09/29/2023 22:29

On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we celebrate the reunion. On the evening of September 29th, the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala of the Central Radio and Television Station and the Mid-Autumn Festival night of Hunan Satellite TV, which was exclusively named by Blue Moon (06993), came to a successful conclusion.

This year's CCTV autumn evening closely revolves around the theme of Yangtze River culture and shows the warm atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival reunion and family feelings through rich performance forms. At the same time, the Mid-Autumn Festival night of Hunan Satellite TV brought a wonderful performance full of poetry and strong oriental aesthetics under the theme of "chasing the moonlight to see you".

Zhitong Financial APP learned that this is the ten years in a row that Blue Moon has joined hands with CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV to create a Mid-Autumn Festival party to feel the meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival and share a reunion time with thousands of families. This year, the Blue Moon continues to send good wishes and clean gifts to the audience, passing on a clean lifestyle, thus helping consumers upgrade their cleanliness. At the same time, Blue Moon also further precipitated the clean and beautiful brand connotation through the two autumn evenings, and constantly enhanced the brand value.

As an important part of the annual Blue Moon Festival, the broadcast of the two stations' autumn evenings brings the festive atmosphere to the best part. It is reported that the Blue Moon Festival is a brand event that runs through the third and fourth quarters every year, inviting consumers to experience new products and services and passing on scientific washing knowledge and clean lifestyle to consumers. It has been held for 11 consecutive years.

During the 11th Blue Moon Festival, Blue Moon further realized in-depth communication with consumers by carrying out a series of new media activities such as "take a pat of Super Blue Moon". As of Sept. 12, the topic of "take a shot of the Super Blue Moon" had been viewed 1.13 billion times on Douyin, with more than 30, 000 users participating. At the same time, Blue Moon also invites consumers to experience innovative products such as Blue Moon Supreme Biotech detergent, pre-coated hand wash dual-use detergent, and net foam body wash to help more consumers upgrade their cleanliness.

This year's wonderful autumn evening has come to an end, but the blue moon will always be with consumers. With more than 30 years of focus on cleanliness and insistence on consumer insight and innovative research and development, Blue Moon will continue to provide a full range of professional home cleaning solutions. Let more families live in a clean, healthy, comfortable, decent and happy blue moon world.

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