港股异动 | 呷哺呷哺(00520)涨超5%领涨节假日概念 十一黄金周来临 旅游消费市场火爆

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Xiabuxiabu (00520) rose more than 5%, leading the holiday concept, the 11th Golden Week is coming, and the travel consumer market is booming

Zhitong Finance ·  09/29/2023 10:52

Zhitong Finance App learned that holiday concept stocks were higher across the board. As of press release, Xiabuxiabu (00520) rose 5.4% to HK$3.32; Meilan Airport (00357) rose 4.59% to HK$7.06; Huazhu Group-S (01179) rose 4.1% to HK$30.5; Meituan-W (03690) rose 3.43% to HK$114.6; Tongcheng Travel (00780) rose 2.37% to HK$17.26.

According to the news, the “Golden Week” of the 11th Double Festival is approaching, and the popularity of the travel consumer market continues to rise. The data on various travel products, surrounding consumption, and travel reservations for the holiday season is “impressive”, and is expected to usher in the most prosperous “Golden Week” in five years. According to the latest data from Meituan and Dazhong Dianping, travel orders on the platform doubled compared to 2019; dine-in reservations for restaurants increased by 112%.

Shanxi Securities said that under multiple demands such as the integration of the double festival and the Asian Games boom, this year's long holiday is expected to be the hottest Golden Week in five years. Consumption and reservations for services such as tickets to scenic spots, hotels, and restaurants have increased dramatically, and service retail sales in various regions will be further released during the holidays.

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