港股异动 | 新焦点(00360)涨超6% 公司拟设合营 投资氢能及燃料电池业务

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | New Focus (00360) Increased by more than 6% The company plans to set up a joint venture to invest in hydrogen energy and fuel cell businesses

Zhitong Finance ·  09/28/2023 15:46

Zhitong Financial APP learned that New focus (00360) rose more than 6% in late trading. As of press time, it rose 6.33% to HK $0.084, with a turnover of HK $5.0373 million.

On the news side, the new focus announced that its indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries Newfox (Beijing) and Broadcom Ltd and Shanghai reshaped the establishment of a new company Jinyi. The Group will own a total of approximately 73.33% of Kam Yi directly (40%) and indirectly (through a limited partnership-approximately 33.33%).

It is reported that Jinyi's main product is distributed hydrogen power station, and the application scenario is IDC data center. The company expects that investment in hydrogen energy and fuel cell business will create synergy with the Group's existing automotive business.

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