港股异动 | 中国东方教育(00667)涨超7%领涨职教股 职业教育行业进入政策红利期

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | China Oriental Education (00667) rose more than 7%, leading vocational education stocks, and the vocational education industry entering a policy dividend period

Zhitong Finance ·  09/28/2023 10:47

The Zhitong Finance App learned that vocational education stocks bucked the market and rose. As of press release, China Oriental Education (00667) rose 7.28% to HK$3.39; Jianqiao Education (01525) rose 5.17% to HK$4.07; China Kepei (01890) rose 3.03% to HK$2.04; and Hope Education (01765) rose 2.06% to HK$0.495.

According to the news, Haitong Securities said that the vocational education industry has entered a policy dividend period. Vocational education policies have been introduced frequently in recent years. The bank judged 25 years as the year for the acceptance of the development results of vocational education. Vocational education in 23 and 24 is expected to make great strides under policy guidance.

Tianfeng Securities said that the state has continuously introduced policies in the field of vocational education, encouraging listed companies and industry leaders to organize vocational education to promote job integration and integration of industry and education; many companies have adapted to the format of vocational education, fully relying on the teaching, teaching and research knowledge system, teacher resources, technical advantages, and industrial resources accumulated over the years to create further education and employment channels for vocational college students.

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