格隆汇公告精选(港股)︱澳洲成峰高教年度扭亏为盈约110万澳元 高等教育服务EFTSL总数升约41.6%

Selected GLONGHUI ANNOUNCEMENTS (Hong Kong Stocks) | Australia's Chengfeng Higher Education College Turns a Yearly Loss to a Profit of about 1.1 million Australian dollars, and the total number of EFTSL for higher education services rose by about 41.6%

Gelonghui Finance ·  09/25/2023 23:07

[Today's focus]

Australia's Chengfeng Higher Education (01752.HK) announced annual results and turned a loss into a profit of about 1.1 million Australian dollars, and the total number of EFTSL for higher education services rose by about 41.6%

Chengfeng Higher Education, Australia (01752.HK) announced that for the year ended June 30, 2023, the company's revenue increased by about 43.6% to about 26.8 million Australian dollars. Gross profit was approximately $11.8 million, an increase of about 55.6%. The gross margin increased from about 40.5% to about 43.9%, mainly due to an increase in tuition income. Profit for the year was approximately $1.1 million, turning a loss from a loss of approximately $1.3 million into a profit. The recommended final dividend is HK0.1 cents (2022: none).

In the first half of 2023, the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on operations abated somewhat. The number of international students studying in Australia has increased. Compared with the same semester in the previous financial year, the number of students enrolled in the Group's higher education courses increased by about 82.5% in the first semester of 2023.

The initial impact of the epidemic on the ELICOS industry was significant. Border closures and long-term blockades seriously disrupted the Group's business. The company has taken strategic actions to restore SCOTS's original strength. Working together to significantly increase enrollment, there was a significant increase of 275% within six months.

For the year ended June 30, 2023, the total number of EFTSL for the Group's higher education services increased by about 41.6% compared to the previous fiscal year.

The company said that the Group has successfully addressed the challenges posed by the pandemic and now aims to use its advantages to develop a sound strategic plan for the next five years. The goal is to lay a good foundation for the future, rebuild scale and profit, and strengthen the brand's position in the education market. After the pandemic, Australia's education industry will be full of momentum. Policy changes and the evolution of student needs have brought many opportunities for the Group as an innovative and discerning educational institution. The Group is continuously adjusting its market position, enhancing brand awareness, and expanding the scope of campuses, with the aim of strengthening the academic leadership position of each campus, cultivating a sense of community, and promoting corporate social responsibility.

[Privatization of the offer]

IMAX CHINA (01970.HK): Letko issued a statement stating that it intends to vote against the privatization deal

[Financial results]

Nine Dragons Paper (02689.HK) annual revenue decreased by about 12.1% to 56.739 billion yuan

Weicheng International (01002.HK) annual revenue decreased by 37.03% to 76.44 million yuan

Haohai Biotechnology (06826.HK) Profit: Net profit for the first three quarters is expected to increase by 85.47% year-on-year to 104.02%

Jinyi Group Holdings (00565.HK) Earnings Warning: Expected annual net loss of not less than HK$680 million

Baolian Holdings (08201.HK) expects to record a net loss attributable to company owners of HK$4.5 million to HK$5.5 million for the year

[Operational data]

Ligao Group (01622.HK)'s contract sales for the first 8 months were approximately RMB 8.31 billion

[Investment and operation]

Zhi Xing Group Holdings (01539.HK) and Tongwei Solar have established a strategic partnership to seize the huge market opportunities in the Middle East

TL NATURAL GAS (08536.HK) subsidiary plans to join hands with Starlight Computer Technology (Shenzhen) to develop strategic cooperation in live streaming sites, new media and local lifestyle sectors

[Pharmaceutical Innovation]

Shanghai Pharmaceutical (02607.HK): Clinical trial application for WST04 preparation accepted

Dongyang Changjiang Pharmaceutical (01558.HK): Protamine Human Insulin Hybrid Injection (30R) approved for listing

Junshi Biology (01877.HK): The phase III clinical study on first-line treatment of melanoma with treprilizumab reached the main end of the study

Hanson Pharmaceuticals (03692.HK): “HS-20105” received a clinical trial notice

[Acquisition and sale]

China Travel Service Hong Kong (00308.HK) plans to acquire 100% of the shares of Yinda (Hong Kong) for HK$898 million

Tianjin Port Development (03382.HK) subsidiary plans to purchase 5 automated field bridges for 92.719 million yuan

Tianjin Port Development (03382.HK) Affiliated Logistics Development plans to sell 7.32% of the shares in the trading market company

[Issuance of additional shares]

Huiying Holdings (00821.HK) plans to place up to HK$81.6 million convertible bonds

Jinhai International (02225.HK) plans to discount about 19.60% and issue a total of 62.5 million shares to raise a net raise of HK$99 million

[Repurchase Cancellation]

Tencent Holdings (00700.HK) spent HK$401 million to repurchase 1.31 million shares on September 25

HSBC Holdings (00005.HK) spent HK$188 million to repurchase 3.066 million shares on September 22

AIA (01299.HK) spent HK$135 million to repurchase 21.12,800 shares on September 25

Standard Chartered Group (02888.HK) spent £17.417,400 to repurchase 2.301,900 shares on September 22

ESR (01821.HK) spent HK$19.72 million to repurchase 1.8 million shares on September 25

On September 25, Zhongsheng Holdings (00881.HK) spent HK$12.5054 million to repurchase 600,000 shares

Kuaishou-W (01024.HK) spent HK$12.385,000 to repurchase 200,000 shares on September 25

Dongfeng Group Shares (00489.HK) spent HK$6.583,400 to repurchase 1.99 million shares on September 25

Changshi Group (01113.HK) spent HK$6.04 million to repurchase 150,000 shares on September 25

On September 25, COSCO Marine Control (01919.HK) spent 5.33 million yuan to repurchase 530,000 shares

Xiansheng Pharmaceutical (02096.HK) spent HK$4.976 million to repurchase 772,000 shares on September 25

Haier Smart Home (06690.HK) spent 4.805 million yuan to repurchase 200,000 A-shares on September 25

On September 25, Xiaomi Group-W (01810.HK) spent HK$47.517,200 to repurchase 4 million shares

Greentown Services (02869.HK) spent HK$3.944,200 to repurchase 1.14 million shares on September 25

Bairong Yun-W (06608.HK) spent HK$2,877 million to repurchase 300,000 shares on September 25

Jinke Services (09666.HK) spent HK$2,653,400 to repurchase 290,000 shares on September 25

Fosun International (00656.HK) spent HK$1,788,500 to repurchase 370,000 shares on September 25

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