港股异动 | 美兰空港(00357)涨超5% 离岛免税规模有望再扩张 公司新增产能亟待释放

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Meilan Airport (00357) rose by more than 5%, and the outlying islands tax exemption scale is expected to expand further, and the company's new production capacity needs to be released urgently

Zhitong Finance ·  09/18/2023 10:14

The Zhitong Finance App learned that Meilan Airport (00357) rose more than 5%. As of press release, it rose 5.11% to HK$7.61, with a turnover of HK$1,856,600.

Dongwu Securities pointed out that the Phoenix Airport Duty-free Shop Phase II and Haitang Bay Phase I and No. 2 have opened one after another, and the duty-free scale on Hainan's outlying islands is expected to expand further. Furthermore, in July 2023, the passenger throughput of Haikou Meilan Airport/Sanya Phoenix Airport recovered to 105%/118% of the same period in 2019. Island trips continued to be booming, driving the increase in duty-free sales to Hainan's outlying islands.

Haitong Securities said that currently the “double terminal, double runway” model at Meilan Airport is running smoothly. The bank believes that the bottleneck in production capacity no longer exists, and that the additional production capacity needs to be released urgently. As Hainan Island's tax exemption policy continues to advance, Meilan Airport, as a major port of import and export and transportation hub for tourist routes, is expected to further strengthen its passenger flow advantage. The company's medium- to long-term plans are clear, and will continue to push for ongoing expansion applications and preparations for Phase III expansion projects, further opening up space for future development.

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