港股异动 | 物管股早盘回暖 地产负反馈接近尾声 市场重新关注公司经营及现金流表现

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Property management stocks pick up in early trading, negative real estate feedback comes to an end, and the market refocuses on company operations and cash flow performance

Zhitong Finance ·  09/13/2023 10:00

Zhitong Financial APP learned that property management stocks rebounded in early trading. As of press time, Hejing leisurely living (03913) rose 6.06 per cent to HK $0.70; time neighborhood (09928) rose 6.06 per cent to HK $0.70; World Trade Services (00873) rose 5.06 per cent to HK $1.66; and elegant living Services (03319) rose 3.34 per cent to HK $5.26.

On the news side, Zheshang Securities said that as the private enterprises with a higher probability of debt default risk in the market are out of danger one after another, the large private enterprises that have a greater impact on the industry are out of danger, and the impact of the remaining private enterprises that may be out of danger is relatively limited, and the negative feedback impact of the real estate sector on property is coming to an end. In addition, the continuous introduction of good real estate policies has played a role in promoting the resolution of debt risks of real estate enterprises and the stabilization of real estate fundamentals, so the suppression of property companies' stock prices has been alleviated accordingly.

Morgan Stanley published a research report that after the property management industry announced its interim results, the market has re-focused on the company's core business operation and cash flow performance. It is expected that after decoupling from the inner housing parent company or associated developers, the profits of property management companies will improve and be reassessed by valuation.

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