Stocks That Hit 52-Week Lows On Friday

Benzinga ·  09/09/2023 01:58

Friday's session saw 225 companies set new 52-week lows. Significant Points From Today's 52-Week Lows: Norfolk Southern (NYSE:NSC) was the largest, in terms of market cap, to set a new 52-week low.Grom Social Enterprises (NASDAQ:GROM) was the smallest firm by market cap to set a new 52-week low.IMAC Hldgs (NASDAQ:BACK)'s stock moved significantly downwards, trading down 2592.31% to reach a new 52-week low.TH International (NASDAQ:THCH) saw the sharpest rebound, as shares ascended 0.0%, reversing after hiting a new 52-week low. Stocks that set new 52-week lows on Friday are as follows: Kenvue (NYSE

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