港股异动 | 教育股尾盘涨幅扩大 新东方-S(09901)涨超10% 中国东方教育(00667)涨超7%

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Education stock gains expanded at the end of trading New Oriental-S (09901) rose more than 10%, China Oriental Education (00667) rose more than 7%

Zhitong Finance ·  09/04/2023 15:55

Zhitong Finance App learned that the late-session increase in education stocks increased; New Oriental-S (09901) rose 9..92% to HK$46.55; China Oriental Education (00667) rose 7.42% to HK$3.62; China Education Holdings (00839) rose 4.2% to HK$6.95; and Hope Education (01765) rose 3.92% to HK$0.53.

According to the news, recently, the first license for an online non-subject training school in China has been issued. Minsheng Securities recently released a research report stating that non-subject extracurricular training is encouraged by the state and is positioned as a useful complement to school education. As the definition of non-disciplines continues to be clarified, the industry is expected to usher in rapid development.

Dongwu Securities said that at the level of vocational education, similar to preparation examinations for civil servants, teachers, etc., demand has continued to increase in recent years, and after streamlining internal relationships with leading companies, it is also worth focusing on. Huaxi Securities pointed out that the education sector is expected to continue to usher in a series of encouragement and support policies, and that vocational education and science and technology education are also the most favorable directions in the medium to long term.

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