港股异动 | 万物云(02602)涨超7%领涨物管股 上市房企融资获松绑 物管行业受益城中村改造

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Wan Wuyun (02602) rose more than 7%, leading property management stocks, listed housing enterprises, whose financing was loosened, the property management industry benefited from the transformation of urban villages

Zhitong Finance ·  08/28/2023 10:20

Zhitong Finance App learned that property management stocks rose in early trading along with domestic housing stocks. As of press release, Wan Wuyun (02602) rose 7.75% to HK$29.2; Kaizhaoye Midea (02168) rose 3.45% to HK$2.1; Ya Life Services (03319) rose 3.3% to HK$5.01; Shimao Services (00873) rose 3.25% to HK$1.59.

According to the news, on August 27, the Securities Regulatory Commission issued a series of favorable policies for the capital market. Among them, in terms of refinancing supervision of listed companies, it was proposed that refinancing by listed real estate companies is not restricted by break-up, bankruptcy, or loss. Dongwu Securities said earlier that property companies' short-term transactions are dying and the target of the restoration of expectations is the target of the most flexible target of the market's biggest disagreement over whether the majority shareholders/related party developers can survive. Performance is not the core factor affecting short-term trends.

Shengang Securities, on the other hand, said that increasing policy support for urban villages and old neighborhoods is conducive to improving residents' lives and increasing the income of future property enterprises. It is estimated that old neighborhoods newly started in 20-23 will bring a total of about 35.4 billion dollars in revenue to property enterprises after completion. Furthermore, the policy supports property enterprises to expand the boundaries of value-added services for owners, which helps them give full play to their advantages, and is optimistic about the continued growth of commodity companies' revenue from this type of business in 2023.

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