Interim results were released at the time of profit (06838), profit of HK$28.13 million, down 23.7% year on year

Zhitong Finance ·  Aug 25, 2023 06:18

Zhitong Financial APP News, profit time (06838) released interim results for the six months ended June 30, 2023, earnings reached HK $384 million, down 30.7% from the same period last year; profit for the period was HK $28.013 million, down 23.7% from the same period last year; basic profit per share was HK4.7 cents; proposed interim dividend of HK1.5 cents per share.

According to the announcement, in addition to focusing on improving earnings in the second half of 2023, ensuring consistent and sustained long-term profitability will continue to be the top priority of the company. The company is committed to improving operational efficiency and making good use of resources to enhance profitability so as to achieve sustainable growth of the group.

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