奇士达(06918)完成配售1.04亿股 净筹约3576.5万港元

Kista (06918) completed the placement of 104 million shares with a net raise of HK$357.65 million

Zhitong Finance ·  08/23/2023 18:48

Zhitong Financial App News, Qishida (06918) issued an announcement. All prerequisites have been met, and the completion was confirmed on August 23, 2023. A total of 104 million placed shares have been successfully placed to no less than six undertakers at a placement price of HK$0.35 per share.

The total amount of proceeds from the placement was HK$36.2873 million, while the net proceeds amounted to approximately HK$357.65 million. The company intends to use 83.88% of the net proceeds to repay the Group's debts and 16.12% of the net proceeds as general working capital.

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