TransAsia International Medical Group (01143.HK) terminated the placement of no more than 34.5058 million shares

Gelonghui Finance ·  08/21/2023 21:15

Gelonghui August 21st 丨SwanAsia International Healthcare Group (01143.HK) announced,Regarding the proposed placement of no more than 34.5058 million shares at a discount of 18.9%, based on recent market conditions, the board of directors announced that since the conditions contained in the placement agreement were not met by August 21, 2023, the placement agreement has expired, and the placement matters will not proceed. All rights, obligations and responsibilities of the contracting party under the placement agreement relating to the placement matters shall be terminated, and no contracting party may bring any claim against the other party under the placement agreement, except for any rights or responsibilities that may arise prior to the relevant termination date.

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