国家邮政局:7月中国快递发展指数为352.3 同比提升27.9%

State Post Office: In July, China's express delivery development index was 352.3, up 27.9% year on year

Zhitong Finance ·  08/07/2023 18:10

The Zhitong Finance App learned that on August 7, the State Post Office released the China Express Delivery Development Index for July 2023. According to estimates, in July 2023, China's express delivery development index was 352.3, up 27.9% year on year. Among them, the scale of development index, service quality index and development capacity index were 388.2, 560.5, and 203.8, respectively, up 8.8%, 66.5% and 0.9% from the previous year. The development trend index was 65, a slight decrease from the previous year. In July, the scale of business grew steadily, service quality and efficiency improved markedly, construction of a hub network accelerated, and the ability to go overseas increased.

In July, the express delivery development scale index was 388.2, up 8.8% year on year. Looking at sub-indicators, the express delivery business volume is expected to increase by about 8% year on year in July, and business revenue is expected to increase by about 6% year on year. In July, the industry maintained a good trend. The business volume exceeded 10 billion units for 5 consecutive months, and the overall operation was relatively stable.

In July, the express delivery service quality index was 560.5, up 66.5% year on year. Looking at sub-indicators, public satisfaction with express delivery services is expected to be 82.9 points, an increase of 1.3 points over the previous year. The 72-hour punctuality rate in key regions is expected to be 84.3%, an increase of 6.7 percentage points over the previous year. In July, express delivery companies increased their efforts to ensure production safety, actively responded to the challenges brought about by rainy weather, ensured that delivery services remained at a high level, and service quality indicators all improved.

In July, the express delivery development capacity index was 203.8, up 0.9 percentage points from the previous year.On the one hand, the main line transportation capacity has increased. In terms of railway transportation,Express delivery companies have accelerated integration with the high-speed rail dual network and launched the “Chengdu-Kunming” high-speed rail express train. Medium- and long-distance multi-mode transportation capacity has been improved, and efficient distribution channels for factors of production between urban areas have been further improved.In terms of air transport,The industry's own airlines have launched international routes such as “Ezhou = Frankfurt” and “Guangzhou = Chennai”, two B777F freighters are in operation, the cargo route transfer work at Ezhou Huahu Airport has officially started, and the air transport network continues to expand with encryption.On the other hand, overseas service capabilities have improved.Express delivery companies have deepened cooperation with overseas enterprises, improved the overseas “self-operated warehouse+floor delivery” service model, enhanced integrated supply chain logistics service capabilities, and promoted the fastest and most efficient delivery service for local packages in many European countries. With the launch of smart logistics hubs in Jakarta, Indonesia, and distribution centers in Dallas and Chicago in the US, the international transit distribution network continues to improve, overseas processing times have improved, and radiation capacity for Southeast Asia and North America has been further enhanced.

In July, the development trend index was 65. Affected by continuous heavy rainfall, business volume is expected to decline slightly in a short period of time in early August, but as policies such as restoring and expanding consumption and promoting private economic development are implemented, the industry's development space will expand further. It is expected that the industry will continue to maintain a steady development trend in August.

This article was compiled from the WeChat account “State Post Office”, editor of Zhitong Finance: Liu Jiayin.

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