Zhiyang Innovation (688191.SH): In the field of artificial intelligence applications in the power industry, the company has a first-mover advantage in the industry

Gelonghui Finance ·  08/01/2023 09:46

Gelonghui August 1?In a recent survey of institutional investors, Zhiyang Innovation (688191.SH) said that the company goes deep into industry applications and provides solutions for industry intelligent operation and maintenance management based on customer needs. In the application field of artificial intelligence power industry, the company has the first-mover advantage of the industry, has accumulated a large number of industry data, has 10 billion-level data samples and million-level high-quality labeled samples, and has maintained a high R & D investment continuously. Industry algorithms and application programs continue to be iteratively optimized; continue to introduce talents from related fields, and set up a technical R & D team well versed in the industry's technological development and application frontier fields.

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