Opened yesterday! Blue Moon (06993) joins hands with the Chengdu Universiade to build a clean competition

Zhitong Finance ·  07/29/2023 17:13

The Zhitong Finance App learned that on July 28, the opening ceremony of the 31st World University Summer Games was successfully held at the main stadium of Dong'an Lake Sports Park in Chengdu. Following the “simple, safe, and exciting” competition requirements, a vibrant event with Chinese characteristics, the atmosphere of the times, and the style of youth began.

The theme of the opening ceremony echoed the slogan of this year's Universiade — “Achieve Dreams”. The ceremony used dazzling colorful colors as the stage color, and the core expression of “brilliant sunshine” continued throughout. The ceremonial performance of “Youth Chasing Dreams” consists of three passages, “The Light of Youth,” “Youth Vitality,” and “Youth Friendship,” which focused on showing the good looks of young people on an emotional and spiritual level. The main torch lighting ceremony began at 21:40. The torchbearer with the “Sun God and Bird” pattern slowly rose, and 31 torchbearers entered the venue. In the spotlight, they ran to the front of the torch, formed a circle, and lit the “Sun God Bird” with the torch in their hands. In an instant, the light shone brightly. The Universiade torch was burning, conveying the best wishes of the world's college students as bright as the sun. The whole ceremony also organically incorporated a large number of Sichuan elements to show the world the style of Bashu and Chinese style.

The Universiade is the highest sports stage for young students in the world, and has always been known as the “cradle of sports stars.” This year's Chengdu Universiade began on July 28 and ended on August 8. There were 18 major events and 269 minor events during the period. According to information, the Chinese delegation has 411 athletes and will compete in all 18 major events. Olympic champions such as Zhang Yufei, Li Bingjie, Zhang Jiaqi, and Zou Jingyuan will all participate. On the morning of July 29, Chinese athlete Cao Maoyuan won the championship in the men's martial arts Nan Quan finals, winning the first gold medal for the Chinese university sports delegation in this year's tournament.

As the official exclusive supplier of this year's Universiade, Blue Moon actively leverages the advantages of cleaning experts and customizes the “Universiade Clean Escort Program” to create a clean and safe competition and living environment for athletes from all over the world with high-quality and high-standard all-scene cleaning protection plans to help the tournament run smoothly.

Clean technology covers the entire Universiade scene

According to reports, Blue Moon provided various cleaning products including premium sports laundry detergent, cleansing foam body wash, automatic mobile phone wash, antibacterial hand sanitizer, etc. for 49 competition venues, 6522 Universiade dormitories, and athletes' cafeterias and fitness centers at this year's Universiade. There are a total of 28 varieties, which can meet the cleaning needs of different venues, as well as the clothing and personal hand and skin care needs of various delegations.

Among them, the sports laundry detergent prepared by Blue Moon for athletes' dormitories can not only efficiently remove the sweat smell from clothes and continuously suppress the sweat smell from clothes, but also protect the sweat-absorbing and quick-drying properties of quick-drying fabrics, helping Universiade athletes release their vitality and pursue their dreams to the fullest.

In order to meet the more diverse and professional cleaning needs of the delegation, Blue Moon has set up clothing care centers in areas A, B, and C where the delegation stayed in Dayun Village to provide clothing care services. According to reports, Blue Moon's clothing care service covers 21 processes, including collection, laundry, clothing protection, and return of clothes. Using standard and strict procedures, every piece of clothing can be scientifically cared for, bringing a new professional and comfortable care experience to the delegation.

Being able to protect the cleanliness of international competitions reflects the strong strength of the Blue Moon brand, stemming from its focus and professionalism in the field of cleaning. As a benchmark brand in the laundry industry, adhering to the tenet of “doing laundry with one heart”, Blue Moon adheres to scientific and technological innovation, has been deeply involved in the cleaning business for more than 30 years, and has established a diversified product matrix covering the three categories of clothing cleaning and care, home cleaning and care, and personal cleaning and care to meet consumers' refined and diversified cleaning and care needs and help consumers stay clean and worry-free.

Knowledge science popularization helps ensure the tournament's cleanliness

In order to better serve this year's Universiade, Blue Moon has set up a special operation support team based in Chengdu. While guaranteeing product supply, through venue visits, offline training, and user visits, etc., it popularizes science, answers product usage and scientific washing knowledge, and helps build a clean venue.

At the same time, Blue Moon gave full play to the role of the 24-hour online customer service system to help answer clean questions from Universiade staff and delegations in a more timely and flexible manner.

According to data, Blue Moon's fully functional consumer service center provides consumers with immediate answers to difficult cleaning questions in their daily lives through more than 40 communication channels such as a 24-hour online 400 hotline, WeChat, Weibo, and various social media platforms, and continuously exports scientific cleaning knowledge and washing techniques.

In fact, as a professional provider of household cleaning solutions in China, Blue Moon has always adhered to the knowledge marketing route. By teaching consumers how to use products and popularizing washing knowledge science, Blue Moon helps consumers solve cleaning problems in their daily lives and conveys the concept of a clean lifestyle.

Work together to build a “green fortune”

Currently, green and low-carbon tournaments are gradually becoming a trend in hosting world tournaments. Starting with low-carbon energy, low-carbon venues, low-carbon transportation, low-carbon operation, and low-carbon participation, the Chengdu Universiade adopted more active green and low-carbon measures, enriching the content of the “green Universiade.”

Adhering to the pursuit of green and sustainable development, Blue Moon coincides with the Chengdu Universiade. Following the main theme of the Green Universiade, Blue Moon offered concentrated products such as premium sports laundry detergent, concentrated softener, and Tianluo tableware fruit and vegetable cleansing essence for this year's Universiade, bringing a more efficient cleaning experience and being more friendly to the environment. According to 2015 estimates by the China Laundry Products Industry Association, if all Chinese consumers used concentrated detergent, it could reduce carbon dioxide emissions during transportation by 1,747,200 tons per year, save 8.567 billion kilowatts of electricity every year, and reduce washing wastewater emissions by 2,421,000 tons per year.

According to information, when introducing cleaning and care suppliers, the Chengdu Universiade focuses not only on examining whether their products are of excellent quality, but also on whether brands follow the green and low-carbon development concept. Blue Moon adheres to the green development path, integrates the concept of environmental friendliness throughout the life cycle of product production, actively develops green products, promotes the concentration of liquid washing products, and leads the industry into a new era of green and environmentally friendly concentration. At the same time, Blue Moon responds positively to the “double carbon” goal, integrates the green and low carbon concept into all aspects of daily business operations, and contributes to protecting the green ecology.

With the successful opening ceremony of the Universiade, the exciting event officially began. At this world-famous cultural exchange event for young people from around the world, 6,500 athletes from 113 countries and regions will sweat and pursue their dreams to the fullest. As an official exclusive supplier, Blue Moon will make every effort to complete the clean escort work for the Universiade with high-quality products, higher standards, and better service, show the world a high level of “Chinese cleaning experience”, and showcase the professional strength and youthful vitality of Chinese brands!

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