港股异动 | 中国东方教育(00667)涨近4%领涨职教股 机构称今明两年或为政策密集推动期

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | China Oriental Education (00667) rose nearly 4% to lead the vocational education sector, institutions say this year and next two years may be a period of intensive policy promotion

Zhitong Finance ·  07/28/2023 10:14

The Zhitong Finance App learned that vocational education stocks continued their recent gains. As of press release, China Oriental Education (00667) rose 3.86% to HK$3.23; China Education Holdings (00839) rose 3.59% to HK$6.92; Zhonghui Group (00382) rose 2.93% to HK$2.46; and Hope Education (01765) rose 1.89% to HK$0.54.

Haitong Securities pointed out that the “Implementation Plan for Empowering and Enhancing the Integration of Vocational Education, Maternity and Education Integration” proposes that by 25, there will be about 50 pilot cities for the integration of maternity education in the country, and more than 10,000 integrated maternity and education enterprises will be built and cultivated throughout the country. Based on policies related to vocational education in recent years, the bank believes that 25 is the year of acceptance of vocational education development achievements, and 23 or 24 may be a period of intensive policy promotion for vigorous development of vocational education, so the development of vocational education is expected to receive strong policy support.

Furthermore, the first inaugural meeting of the National Major Industry Industry Industry-Education Integration Community and the National Rail Transit Equipment Industry Industry-Education Integration Community was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu. The conference emphasized that vocational education is an important pole in building a strong nation in education, and that the important task of vocational education now and in the coming period is to speed up the construction of a modern vocational education system.

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