Hengbang Co., Ltd. (002237.SZ): The company currently cooperates well with Wanguo International Mining

Gelonghui Finance ·  07/20/2023 15:02

On July 20, an investor asked 002237.SZ: how is the cooperation between the company and Wanguo International Mining Industry? Apart from taking a stake in Wanguo International Mining, are there any other related resource collection and storage plans?

Hengbang shares replied: at present, the company cooperates well with Wanguo International Mining, and the dividend income of participating in Wanguo Mining in 2020 and 2021 is more than 5400 million yuan and 1700 million yuan respectively. If there are suitable targets for mergers and acquisitions of gold resources, the company will also participate, and at the same time will continue to renew and transform existing mines, tap potential and increase efficiency, and increase exploration and reserves.

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