Zhiyang Innovation (688191.SH): Research on techniques related to voiceprint monitoring is ongoing

Gelonghui Finance ·  07/11/2023 20:23

Gelonghui July 11?Some investors asked Zhiyang Innovation (688191.SH) on the investor interactive platform, "do you have voiceprint monitoring products, whether they are used in the power system, and how do you consider the advantages and disadvantages of voiceprint monitoring products and computer vision products?"

The company replied that its business focused on the digital transformation of the industry, with artificial intelligence, computer vision technology, digital twin technology and UAV technology as the core. To provide customers in electric power, water conservancy and rail transit industries with professional, multi-source awareness, end-cloud collaborative three-dimensional inspection products and solutions. Among them, the related technology in the field of vision is one of the bases for the company to build an intelligent product system of cloud collaboration between sky and ground multi-source sensing ends. at present, the company's technical capabilities cover the core technologies in this field, such as photoelectric sensing, ISP image processing, artificial intelligence analysis and so on. The company is carrying out research on voiceprint monitoring related technology. if there is any progress, it will fulfill the obligation of information disclosure in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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