The controlling shareholder of Lee Yuanheng (688499.SH) and his co-actors reduced their holdings of “Liyuan Convertible Bonds” by a total of 1,0887.66 million shares

Zhitong Finance ·  07/05/2023 17:08

Zhitong Financial APP News, Li Yuanheng (688499.SH) issued a notice that recently, the company received a notice from controlling shareholder Huizhou Liyuanheng Investment Co., Ltd. and its concerted actors Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Port Hongbang Investment Management Partnership (limited partnership) and Lu Jiahong that they had reduced a total of 1.08766 million "Liyuan convertible bonds" through the Shanghai Stock Exchange system during the period from June 2 to July 4, 2023. Accounting for 11.45% of the total issuance.

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