能源及能量环球(01142)发布年度业绩 股东应占溢利5.5亿港元 同比扭亏为盈

Energy & Energy Global (01142) Announces Annual Results Shareholders' Profit Profit of HK$550 Million, Turning a Year-Over-Year Loss into a Profit

Zhitong Finance ·  06/30/2023 22:56

Zhitong Financial APP News, Energy and Energy Global (01142) announced results for the year ended March 31, 2023, with turnover of HK $1.15 billion, down 1.57% from the same period last year; profit attributable to shareholders was HK $550 million, compared with a loss of HK $343 million in the same period last year; profit per share was HK3.79 cents.

According to the announcement, on the one hand, the Group benefited from the overall increase in diesel and gasoline sales prices driven by overall inflation, making a positive contribution to the annual turnover, but on the other hand, the price rise suppressed the demand for diesel and gasoline. coupled with the adverse impact of the overall depreciation of the Korean won during the year, the absolute amount of annual turnover when translated into the Hong Kong dollar in the Consolidated account report was reduced. As a result, due to the net impact of the above factors, the Group's turnover eventually decreased slightly during the year under review.

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