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        STD0313 Male ID: 70176618
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          $Palo Alto Networks(PANW.US)$ I hope the drop in PA has cleaned out some of the swingers. The call options sell off may even see us at 300....I would expect to see new buyers move in around that area. Please nfa and is only a sense, not a I have check inflows and outflows and plotted and charted........
          $Ocean Biomedical (OCEA.US)$ come on now...we all know this is a $5 stock. Just let it happen Wall S.
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          Chart says

          $SciSparc(SPRC.US)$  Going to run to 10.00 today or tomorrow.
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          $Ocean Biomedical (OCEA.US)$ number one thing to stay on top of for this runner imo. Liabilities have overtaken assets. This is a legitimate biomed with a strong pipeline.  They need money to get products to market. When this has almost topped out by very aware that an offering is probably how this all ends. Going from 3.xx (if it gets there) to offering price in moments.
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          $Super Micro Computer(SMCI.US)$ predict will drop below 700 next week and wont recover until late March, before dipping again  till Q3. let's see who is spot-on.
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          $NIO Inc(NIO.US)$ NiO is classic case of mismanagement and how to not run buisness. Couple of years back when competition was low Li Auto and NiO was selling same number of vehicles. At that time Li Auto focussed on core buisness while NiO started Europe expansion, chip making , phone making, battery manufacturing, Nuclear fusion etc. After two years Li Auto is selling more than 1k vehicles everyday while NiO is struggling to survive.
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          $Ocean Biomedical(OCEA.US)$
          let it rip.....anyone else think this is just like tpst... pennies to double digits  in a week..
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