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          $SMI Vantage(Y45.SG)$
          The MA5 may cross above the MA50 soon. SMI may rally then. And just in time, when BTC makes a new ATH.
          Tesla rebounded today after the daily support level stopped falling. At the end of the session, it fell back above yesterday's closing price. The high volume of the previous few days was not broken, which indicates that large capital is still there. The so-called high volume is not broken, and the market is bound to catch fire later. Today's contraction and rise indicates that the will to sell is not strong. If the volume is shrinking at a high level, it is necessary to hold on to the wrong position. If it doesn't fall below the previous low of 198 on Monday, around 200 is an opportunity to go long, and it is expected to usher in a major upswing. If it falls below 198.5, announcing the end of this round of rebound, the trend continues to decline. Looking below, it may break through the lunar double bottom structure. The bearishness is based on Tesla's recent large-scale top divergence. The most recent top divergence of the same level occurred at the end of last year, and then pulled back for more than a month. Nothing is decided, anything is possible. Today, the weekly line received a shooting star at a high level. The future market is not optimistic, but both the daily line and the weekly line are showing a bullish arrangement, and the lunar line has reached the stage of desperation. Even if there is a pullback, space is limited. Long-term investments don't have to worry about current shocks; you can buy mindlessly. The last chance for a monthly low was on 1/6/2023. The lowest price was 101.81. After that, it reached close to 300. Tesla is a maverick, unruly, and often out of place. The trend is not in line with the market. Once the main upturn comes, such as Mad Cow, it is unstoppable.
          The above is my personal opinion; it is not sufficient as any investment advice. The stock market is risky, and you must bear your own risk.

          Nio earnings preview: Here's what to watch for Q4 2023 report

          $NIO Inc(NIO.US)$
          Nio will report unaudited financial results for the fourth quarter and full year of 2023 on Tue, Mar 5, before the US stock market opens. As usual, Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu's team shares their preview.
          The focus on Nio's results will mostly be on gross margin, and its management's guidance for first-quarter deliveries is expected to be weak, according to a research note the team sent to investors on Feb 29.
          As ...

          A “coincidence” that has been happening for over 100 years until now 👇

          It is likely that the same “coincidence” will continue to happen in the future... 👇
          A “coincidence” that has been happening for over 100 years until now 👇
          A “coincidence” that has been happening for over 100 years until now 👇
          A “coincidence” that has been happening for over 100 years until now 👇
          $Keppel(BN4.SG)$ 👀 key level pullback buy triggered
          LEng LEng liked and commented on
          $AEM SGD(AWX.SG)$
          AEM Holdings has reported a loss of $20.9 million for 2HFY2023, as it books a US$20 million arbitration settlement on top of a weaker industry down cycle.
          Profit before tax excluding exceptional items of $38.3 million was over the same period.
          In the year-earlier 2HFY202, it reported earnings of $44.2 million.
          For the whole of FY2023, AEM dipped into a loss of $1.16 million -- a sharp swing from earnings of $127.3 million reported for FY2022.
          Revenue for 2HFY2023 dropped 37.6%...

          Watch for Breakout

          PFE is not out of the woods yet.  However, it has been doing very well the past few weeks.  26.48 held and build a near term support.  watch for continued move up if it breaks 28.01 and bigger move after 29.  Below 26.86 is a breakdown for lower lows.
          follow for future updates.
          Watch for Breakout
          $SMI Vantage(Y45.SG)$
          SMI Vantage has placed orders for additional high-performance machines as well as an additional containerised digital mining facility to be installed in Mar.
          This follows the installation of its first containerised digital mining facility in Jan.
          The company has also signed a strategic partnership agreement with Frontier Mining, which specialises in digital asset management.
          With the strong upsurge in interest in Bitcoin globally, this is an opportunity to increase SMI Vant...