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        Xpeng G9 awarded Norway's People's Favourite Car of the Year Award

        Xpeng, a leading Chinese smart EV company, becomes the first Chinese car brand to win "People's Favourite 2024", also known as 'folkets favoritt', with the Xpeng G9 in Norway's renowned "Car of The Year" awards.
        "People's Favourite" is part of the prestigious award "Car of the Year 2024" which is carried out for the nineteenth year in a row by Dagbladet in collaboration with media publications Dinside and Elbil24. Readers of Dagbladet, Dinside and Elbil24 in Norway voted for their favourite car for a month, with the Xpeng G9 winning with 15.22% of the vote.
        Managing Director of XPeng Motors Norway, Claes Persson, expressed gratitude for this award:
        "We consider this to be an incredibly distinguished award, especially because the people chose us as the winner. We look forward to developing our current and upcoming electric car models further."
        Editor in Elbil24, Fred Magne Skillebæk, said of the extensive test:
        "It was a tight race all to the end, but then there were also strong competitors Xpeng eventually knocked out. In the end, XPENG took a strong lead, eventually ending up with 15.22% of the vote. Number two reached 13.88%."
        Since Xpeng began delivering the Xpeng G9 to customers earlier this year, it has become the 6th most registered electric car in Norway (Nov 2023). The car brings some of the most powerful and advanced EV technology to Europe, including Xpeng's latest powertrain system with 800 V Silicon Carbide (SiC) platform for ultra-fast charging of up to 300 kW, allowing drivers to add up to 100 km of range in just 5 minutes.
        The award not only represents a victory for the brand, but also recognition of its commitment to innovation and quality. Along with 7 other nominees shortlisted for the award, XPENG G9 has now progressed to the finalist stage of the selection of "Car of the Year 2024", which will be announced on 5th Dec.
        For more information on the voting percentage split, please see here.
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