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        Will Johor concept stocks be the next trend?

        Will Johor concept stocks be the next trend?
        The strongest sector in Malaysian stocks is none other than industrial stocks, especially industrial stocks in South Malaysia. Since the new Prime Minister Anwar took office last year, he has seen the Sultan of Johor many times. It seems that the two sides have a good relationship.
        Judging from Malaysia's system of rotating the supreme head of state, the Sultan of Johor will be the next Supreme Head of State. Sudan also previously revealed to the media that the Malay Rulers' Council will hold a special session in October this year to elect a new head of state.
        Will Johor concept stocks be the next trend?
        After the dust settles on our state election results, the current government can basically sit still for 4 more years. Next, it can focus its energy on implementing new policies. Judging from the recent rise in Malaysian stocks and industrial stocks, it can be seen that the increases are all quite exaggeratedIndustrial stocks in South Malaysia$UEMS(5148.MY)$  It has already risen by more than 150%,$IWCITY(1589.MY)$ There was also a good increase last week.
        Prime Minister Anwar also announced a few days ago that Forest City will be classified as a special financial zone, further driving the rise in South Malaysian industrial stocks. Currently, what the market is most concerned about is whether the government will restart the Longxin High Speed Rail (HSR) project, which was shelved in early 2021. The news indicates that Singapore is willing to renegotiate with the Malaysian government. If the negotiations are settled, it will surely become another catalyst for Johor industrial stocks.
        Will Johor concept stocks be the next trend?
        If this major project starts up again, it will definitely boost Johor's economy, including local industrial stocks. Johor concept stocks include $KSL(5038.MY)$ $EKOVEST(8877.MY)$ $PGLOBE(3611.MY)$ $PLS(9695.MY)$$ECOWLD(8206.MY)$
        Are there any Johor concept stocks I've missed, please leave a comment below to let me knowChuckle
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