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NVIDIA's Q4 Earnings Blowout: Buy, sell or hold?
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Why it’s Definitely Not Time to Hit the Brakes

So, with the latest NVDA stock analysis strongly suggesting a pullback ahead, does this mean you need to sell an existing NVDA position, or avoid the stock completely if you’ve yet to buy? Not so fast.

For starters, while NVDA may sink post-earnings irrespective of the results themselves, I wouldn’t bank on the company reporting horrendous results for the preceding quarter. As I’ve argued recently, AI chip demand remains off the charts. Investors may decide to “sell on the news” of another blockbuster quarter, but the en masse taking of profit will at worst likely only mean a moderate pullback for shares.

By “moderate,” I mean a move back between $600 and $700 per share, not back to sub-$500 per share prices. Hence, it’s definitely not time to hit the brakes. For existing shareholders, such a pullback will seem like near-term market noise in hindsight.

For those choosing to buy on such weakness, in hindsight your decision to seize the opportunity could prove to be a shrewd move. At least, based on a recent analyst research note on NVDA. This research note lays out a path for shares to quickly climb to four-digit price levels. $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$
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