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        $CN HEALTH TECH(01069.HK)$ I see a lot of people posting about various whatsapp groups. Legitimate brokers / traders are NOT using whatsapp (at least in the US) to provide stock recommendations. If they are - search for a different broker. I would also not buy a stock on a recommendation from someone you never met before. Also keep in mind that generally speaking - stocks dont increase that much in one - two days with little news. This was a classic pump & dump. The stock was worthless before the recommendation and is worthless shortly after. If you receive a stock tip - do your own research before buying.
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        • kenapw : I did follow the whatsapp when I first learned it and invested in some short turnaround purchases and I disagree I did make a little bit of cash. But ! this may have been how they lure you in I believe now 🙄

        • Lessons Learned kenapw: Yep they got me. Even calling me direct

        • kenapw : tried calling me direct, I was like ummm NOT answering !! lol

        • Lizard : We worked with this guy for sometime, he would tell us to buy a stock, we would make a little money, over and over this went on, then this happened

        • msandyof : Just be extra cautious there’s a lot of them out there and they will ask you to do diversified investments

        • GMGMGMGM : The thing is these watsapp group they give winning stocks for two months then they gain your trust and tell you the next stock is 200%+return add more funds. Because you been winning you go and add more funds then in the next trade it’s all gone and their gone

        • 73255274 : heres the whatsap scammers but bozza has a $1.89 fair market price.  get greedy when others get fearful and fearful when others get greedy. I say hold a month for the storm to pass

        • Ckconnect Lizard: same here

        • porsh GMGMGMGM: exactly,  they make you gain their trust. l wonder what they gain by doing that

        • 71154593 : 24 suspects held in Hong Kong over ramp-and-dump scam

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