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What are your interesting stories about Fengshui?

Moomoo SG wrote a column · Oct 4, 2023 04:59
Fengshui (风水), which involves the art of reading one’s destiny and temperament based on their birth dates, has had many followers in the public domain since its inception.
About 100 companies uses Way Fengshui Group’s service per year to assist in determining whether to hire job candidates, according to its CEO Mark Tan. They will use eight characters, which denotes a person’s date of birth right down to the hour of the candidate provided by the company to determine whether the candidate is suitable for the position and the company.
Some Singaporean companies also turn to the advice of Fengshui master before embarking on major business decisions. According to data from the Singapore Department of Statistics, the revenue of the Fengshui industry in Singapore has surged by 70% over the past four years.
What are some of your perspectives on Fengshui culture and do you have any interesting Fengshui stories to share?
Or do you have the habit of considering Fengshui on your investment journey and would you like to share some interesting investment stories related to Feng Shui?
Join us and share your insights now!
4 Oct - 18 Oct 23:59 SGT
All writers will get 88 points for on-topic posts over 30 words!
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  • mr_cashcow : Ah yes Fengshui! 有风有水钱自然来undefinedundefined When all else fails sometimes relying on fengshui大师 aka geomancer to help change things for the betterundefined

  • Eat Drink Earl Grey : I have 3 coins in my wallet, emperor 9 coins and mountain photo behind me, infinity over the entrance, endless sea photo in front, 3 celestial guardians facing West, fu lu shou looking over and carry 3 suspicious animals undefined

  • sGpcGhost : Fengshui, choose a good date and good time. Do good deeds and be kind.

    All Wells will come.

    Better to believe.

    Egonomics of design. Fengshui design also provide good flow and direction.

    Bright spots. Spacious etc.

  • Gong Xi Fuck Cai ❤ : For the good luck and blessings to all, I had ask feng shui master to bless me a lucky name called "Lotus on shit".

    It means I as awaken purified Lotus will grows and blossom on shit environments (those noises, monkeys and crazy people), to embrace the shit and rise from the shit without stains.

    But after a while I think my current name is better, it means we hold hand and earn money together.  Wish us all lucky and huat together. undefinedundefined

  • 杰曼 : Fengshui is a Chinese practice that focuses on creating harmony and balance in one's environment to promote well-being and success.

    Fengshui emphasizes the importance of balance in all aspects of life, including financial endeavors. This means diversifying investments to reduce risk and create harmony in your financial portfolio.

    Fengshui practitioners believe that the flow of energy or "chi" is crucial. Applying this to investments, it suggests that you should regularly assess and adjust your investment strategy to ensure a smooth and positive financial energy flow.

    Fengshui also considers the location and orientation of objects. Similarly, in investments, the choice of where you invest (geographically and in what industries) can be seen as important for your financial well-being.

    Fengshui encourages decluttering and simplifying one's surroundings. In terms of investments, this might translate to simplifying your portfolio, reducing unnecessary complexity, and focusing on what truly matters.

    Fengshui places significance on the intention and mindset behind actions. When it comes to investing, having clear financial goals and a positive mindset can contribute to a more successful investment journey.

  • steady Pom pipi : Hahaha, ask for a “money protection card” from the master.
    I've always used my phone to trade, so set it as my mobile wallpaper!

    Pray for more tools on the layout of Feng Shui to help me thrive.undefinedundefinedundefined

  • ZnWC : What are your interesting stories about Fengshui?

    Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, revolves around arranging your environment in a way that harmonizes and balances the energies within it.  The article shared that while many associate it with home decor, its principles can be applied to finances, too. It listed 7 Feng Shui rules that can help attract prosperity:

    1) Clear the Clutter
    2) Enhance the Wealth Corner
    3) Water Element for Flow
    4) Use Purple and Gold
    5) Koi Fish Symbolism
    6) Healthy Green Plants
    7) Mind Your Entrances

    You can read the explanation by using the link below. Here I want to elaborate the first rule which emphasize declutter your financial life. It suggeated organize your bills, statements, and financial paperwork clearing a financial path for better decision-making and attracts prosperity. It also recommended digitize paperwork to keep your financial life streamlined and accessible. In my previous article I shared about options trading, I used a principle of Keep it simple, Know your risk, Keep it simple (KSKR) has the similar meaning.

    A few months ago, I also shared an article about how we attract wealth in Singapore by deposit a dum of money on Li Chun (立春). The purpose is similar to feng shui. Having said the above, I don't believe in supernatural power to create wealth. But I do follow the cultural practices for the fun. It is still important to do proper research or dyodd (study the company's fundamental, financial report, macroeconomics conditions, market sentiment etc) before making any investment decision.

    Related articles:
    Mystery Power in investing Li Chun (立春) Singapore style
    My Options Trading Experience - Keep it Simple, Know your Risk (KSKR)

    The Financial Feng Shui Rule: 7 Chinese Secrets to Attract Wealth

  • No_Horse_Run_4896 : 一命二运三风水. Always believe everything we do is connected in a way of two. Positive vibes will follow with good wind and good water. undefinedundefinedundefined

  • MooMoo Rookie : I believe that there is at least some truth to this ancient art or science of Feng Shui (aka Geomancy) - otherwise the practice would not have survived for so so so long. So do remember to consult a Feng Shui Master when you have a new place (of residence or work) !!!

  • TigerMoo : I think the fengshui culture is part of Chinese cultural beliefs. There is nothing to lose by heeding any advice given by experienced practioners. Ultimately, I still believe that fate is in your own hands and how you go about overcoming obstacles in life and become successful eventually undefined

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