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Weekly Earnings Preview: Grab rewards by guessing the market winner!

Hi, mooers! Check out moomoo's fresh earnings calendar to start your week!
This week, various companies including $Palantir(PLTR.US)$, $Alibaba(BABA.US)$, $Disney(DIS.US)$ and $Roblox(RBLX.US)$ are releasing their earnings. How will the market react to the companies' results? Let's make a guess!
Weekly Earnings Preview: Grab rewards by guessing the market winner!
An equal share of 1,000 points: For mooers who correctly guess the winner who makes the biggest gains in  intraday trading on the day of earnings release (e.g., If 50 mooers make the correct guess, each of them will get 20 points.)
Exclusive 300 points: For the top comments on companies' earnings prospects under this post.
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1. Rewards will be distributed within 5-7 working days after the result's announcement.
2. Rewards can be used to exchange gifts at the Rewards Club (moomoo app>> Me>> Redeem Points).
3. The selection is based on post quality, originality, and user engagement.
Disclaimer: This material is for informational use only and is not a recommendation of any investment and should not be used as the primary basis of any investment decisions. There is no assurance that any estimates or price targets mentioned will occur. Investing involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Moomoo is a financial information and trading app offered by Moomoo Technologies Inc. In the U.S., Securities are offered through Moomoo Financial Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. For AU users: AFSL 224663. All investments carry risks. Consider FSG before applying. Data and information displayed in these images are obtained from independent third-party sources. They do not constitute any financial advice, recommendation or solicitation to acquire or dispose financial products. All contents such as comments and links posted or shared by users of the community are the opinion of the respective authors only and do not reflect the opinions, views, or positions of Moomoo Financial Inc., Moomoo Technologies, any affiliates, or any employees of MFI, MTI or its affiliates. The reward selection shall be made upon moomoo's sole discretion and determination. Points may be redeemed only through the moomoo app and have no other value. See this link for more information.
Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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  • goglobalgobig : palantir to the 🌝

  • ACIC是骗子 : Thank you all for choosing two stocks that can be shorted, and the opposite is true with you. Go short on Monday$Palantir (PLTR.US)$, going short on Tuesday$Alibaba (BABA.US)$

  • 102362254 : $Palantir (PLTR.US)$ expects a robust 40% YoY revenue boost driven by demand for its analytics and AI solutions. However, margin pressure and potential net loss loom due to significant R&D and sales investments. Investors may appreciate long-term growth and customer base expansion but remain wary of valuation and profitability concerns.

    $Alibaba (BABA.US)$ faces challenges from regulatory scrutiny, slowing e-commerce, and heightened competition, risking lower-than-expected revenue and margins.

    $Disney (DIS.US)$ anticipates solid revenue and earnings growth, driven by diverse segments. Investors seem optimistic about Disney's future growth, as the company continues to invest in content creation, platform innovation, and global expansion.

    $Roblox (RBLX.US)$ is poised for impressive growth with a narrowing net loss, positive free cash flow, and optimism surrounding platform innovation and global expansion.

    The market's response to their results remains uncertain. Palantir may achieve the highest gain by the end of this week, it has shown strong growth momentum and resilience amid the market volatility.  

  • SpyderCall : $Palantir (PLTR.US)$
    Data center demand has been a growing trend for several quarters. Palantir has been consistently acquiring contracts from the military, U.S. government, and medical companies. I have had my eyes on PLTR's options volume picking up coming into earnings. It really needs good earnings this Monday, or the current upward trending price channel might come to an end

  • SpyderCall ACIC是骗子: Did you sell your short intraday?

  • ACIC是骗子 SpyderCall: There was a lot of idling an hour before closing, so I bought Call Debit Spread

  • SpyderCall ACIC是骗子: Good call on that one 👍

  • SpyderCall ACIC是骗子: I figured the market makers had to bring the price back down, or they would have had to cover, and it would have ripped like crazy during intraday after that premarket run up.

  • ACIC是骗子 SpyderCall: This is hard to say. The pre-pressure on Tesla's earnings report was also very low; the result was an even more severe decline. I can only say that stock trading depends on luck.

  • SpyderCall ACIC是骗子: guessing what the market makers are doing involves a little assumption. But when a stock is rallying over a long-term period, then it is safe to assume that retail is mostly buying calls and selling puts. That would mean that market makers are mostly selling calls and buying puts to facilitate the transaction. Of course, it is all guesswork and luck, but knowing this is beneficial sometimes.

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